We offer

Front walls

The main element of our offer are high quality stables. Many years of experience and a wide range of products allow us to propose solutions tailored to the individual needs of the client.

We are aware that the correct construction of the front guarantees durability, stability, security and above all safety for horses.

Advantages of our stables as follows

Facades that we offer are a compilation of the following features:

high quality wood,

galvanized steel or powder coated,

invisible welds.

adequate air circulation

This combination not only ensures durability, but also aesthetics. The use of special ventilation openings (in boards and a grille made of tubes) ensures optimal air circulation, which contributes to maintaining good horse health.

Easy assembly

An additional advantage of our stables is their quick and virtually trouble-free assembly. In the production process we use high-quality materials that are refined to the smallest detail so as not to cause you problems during assembly.

Individual configuration

Our stables for horses are a combination of durability and functionality with the possibility of an individualized composition. Thanks to this, each stable can have its own unique character adapted to the needs of animals and the breeder.