We offer

Everything for the stables

We base the production of our stables and consider the welfare and comfort of the horses, as well as your individual requirements. We support the whole with our many years of experience to create a stable that is functional and unique.

Durable and stable construction

The welded construction of the fronts ensures durability and stability that is so important for the safety of horses. Invisible welds, galvanized or powder-coated steel, and high-quality wood - all this adds to the attractiveness and usability of your stable. Appropriate air circulation is achieved by the use of ventilation holes in the boards or the integrated grille with pipes at the bottom of the front wall.

Standard dimensions

Our horse box designs ensure simple, safe and quick assembly. Covered door trolleys ensure a smooth and quiet movement. Stables are made of the following materials:

50 x 50 mm square profiles, 50 x 30 x 3 mm channel bars, 20 mm diameter pipes, 60 mm apart and 42 mm thick boards.

Various types of wood can be used to fill the stable box, e.g. pine, ash, oak, exotic or plastic boards.

Fit to your stable

We know that individual stables and horses have different requirements, which is why our standard boxes combine high quality construction, functionality and style by offering a large selection of products so that each stable has an individual character. In particular, the fronts can be made in many variants, including the entire structure of pipes, arches over doors and front walls. We offer fronts with standard widths: 3000, 3500 and 4000 mm.

Enriching our offer, we make fronts with dimensions tailored to the width of your stable.