Producer of stable boxes

Hesz is a company which has a reputable reputation and has been in business since 2003, in the manufacture of stables, gates, doors, windows and paddock areas. We pride ourselves on producing a product of stables which meets our clients expectations and requirements. We offer technical and practical advising with client requirements and always open for input from all our clients. 

Our staff are highly skilled, professional, 100% loyal and respectfull to the company and commited to the product they are making.

Our business is to produce a product that not only looks good but the top line for us is security and safety of the horse. We have a list of additional extra's that make it as stressless as possible for the horse and owner. 


We respect all our clients and their requirements, also important to us is our quality, professionalism and service.

The first stage of our cooperation will be to define your needs together. In our work, we use proven quality schemes that do not limit us in any way. We combine proven methods with a modern approach. In addition to high-quality horse stables, we can offer professional advice on the selection of optimal solutions for our clients.

5-year warranty

We are against the commonly used "sell and forget" principle. Hesz focuses on long-term cooperation with the client. When You purchase our products you can count on a 5-year warranty. At the same time, we can offer you preferential price conditions and competitive delivery times. 

Care for aesthetics and quality of products as well as a reliable approach to the client resulted in our company joining the "Clean Business" Club. It is a unique honor for us, and confirmation of our high competences for our clients.