Become our partner

Since the beginning of the establishment of our company, we have been involved in its development both in people and in owners themselves. Thanks to our joint commitment, we have gained recognition and credibility among our clients and partners.

It is very important for us to maintain the high standards we have achieved to develop. If you are interested in establishing cooperation, we will speak about it in a form convenient for you.

What markets do we operate on?

In addition to the Polish domestic target market, HESZ enjoys more and more European countries with its products. We send our products to, among others: Norway, Germany, France, Austria and Great Britain.

Plans for the future

We are particularly open to cooperation with companies from European countries, so that the exceptional value of our products is made available to a growing number of recipients. We will always find time to become familiar with corporation offers. Together we can do much more!

We guarantee cooperation based on mutual benefits. We provide pleasant and fast communication, as well as full satisfaction with business partnerships.

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