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Horse stable separation walls

Hesz has a wide range of partition walls for stables. You can now choose from 8 types of separation. For our products, precision and quality are standard. In addition, we can also offer a rich design.

Each wall has frames made of 50x50 mm profile and 50x30x3 mm C-profiles. In the production process we also use tubes with a diameter of 20 mm.

Types of separation

Partition walls

As a manufacturer of partition walls for stables, we care not only about the durability of the structure, but also about its impressive style. That is why we use bent grille shapes so that you can choose from a wide range of designs. We offer partition walls with tubes in the upper part. This design ensures constant and free contact with the animals.

An alternative can be walls with partial covering of the upper part, which protect animals against stressful situations during feeding.

separation bars

For stables that are already equipped with partitions, we offer the option of ordering additional grilles. This allows you to modify the appearance of the stable and provide additional functionality, without much interference in the solutions already used.

We encourage you to look through the offered models and to contact us directly. We will certainly suggest solutions that perfectly meet your expectations.